Applying for a California License

If a physician or other health care professional is licensed in another state, and wants to practice in California, for some it’s not always just a matter of filing the California license application and getting it approved. Sometimes the professional has a history in another state, or in an out of state hospital, or has some other problem, that may impede the licensing agency from granting the license. Or maybe the agency would be willing to grant the California license, but on a probationary basis, with terms of probation that can be quite varied, and even onerous, depending on circumstances.

ph-applyingIf you’re trying to work with some past mark against you or your credentials, I can strategize with you on how to put your best foot forward in presenting your application for a license. I can advise you on the “ground level” what specific information is important to provide to support your application, what it can mean when you do present the information to the agency in your application package, and how to properly and honestly present the information for licensing agency consideration. I can help not only with that process, but at the thirty thousand foot level, I can strategize with you on what the possible larger implications may be for you in applying for the California license in light of a problematic professional history elsewhere.